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K9 eSports is an eSports organisation currently competing actively in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Founded in 2017 with a main objective to give young, up and coming talent the opportunity to develop themselves into experienced and skilful players, we provide a professional and competitive environment for our members. Our founding members noticed that the majority of high level teams competing in Ubisoft’s first major eSports title, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, refused to accept players under the age of 18, as the game’s main eSports host, ESL, declared that the minimum age should not be lower than that point. This, of course, was not beneficial for those players who were considered underage as they had nowhere to play competitively, as well as being unhealthy for the future of the game due to the lack of available talent replenishment. Being underaged himself, our main founder LiamYS decided he would take matters into his own hands, forming K9 eSports as a competitive haven for those like himself
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Please contact us: info@k9esports.com


Q: Why is K9 eSports not competing in GO4's and higher tournaments?
A: We are not eligible to play league's/tournaments where you are able to win prize money, because most players of our team are not 18 years old.

Q: How do I apply for K9 eSports?
A: You can apply for K9 eSports on our Discord server or by sending us an email, the trials will be runned on our Discord server. If we are looking for new players it will also be publiced on our Discord server.

Q: When I have applied for K9 eSports, how long will my trial last?
A: The trial will last for 30 days, if the trial expires and you want an extension, you can ask one of the K9 eSports players to extend your trial time.

Q: Why can't I buy anything in your shop?
A: Our shop is currently under maintenance, we are working on a better looking and working UI for our shop.

Q: Why is nobody responding to my messages on Discord?
A: It might be that nobody is currently online or that you have been muted on our Discord channel.

Q: How and why did I get the Muted rank on your Discord?
A: Make sure to read our rules, you have not followed them or you have not accepted a decision from our Staff.

If your questions are not answered here on our FAQ, you can contact us by sending us an email to k9esportsofficial@gmail.com, we also have an email address for business inquiries: info@k9esports.com