Rainbow Six: Siege - Main Team lineup:

Oliver "ReGG" W.
In-Game Leader

Oliver ‘ReGG’ Wolstenholme has played FPS games since 2010. Beginning on the old generation consoles, he expanded to PC gaming in 2014 and joined his first team while playing Counter Strike Global Offensive. After they disbanded, ReGG moved on to turn-based strategy games, eventually deciding to try out Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege during a free weekend, and picked it up at the start of Year 1 Season 3.

ReGG enjoys the game’s unique mix of high-octane FPS gameplay and complex levels of strategy, preferring to mix both aspects in his playstyle. He is known for having a high level of accuracy and his ‘flick shots’, as well as a large repository of game knowledge feeding his ‘game sense’. Utilising all information gathering techniques from pure sound to droning and calling for his teammates, ReGG is very rarely caught off guard.

As the current IGL of K9 eSports, it is his upmost goal to develop and maintain the team’s synergy and strategy. Despite a past in heavy roaming, he finds the easiest position to do this from is as a hard site anchor, and thus is a very potent Echo player; whereas on Attack he plays flex roles.

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Liam "LiamYS" V.
Support / Anchor

Liam 'LiamYS' Vlaskamp started playing FPS-shooters back in 2013 with Battlefield: Bad Company on the Playstation 3. LiamYS got his first PC a few years later and started playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In 2016 he bought the game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege, not shortly after that started playing competitively with some of his friends. He decided to leave this team and start taking competitive more seriously, started his own team called K9 eSports and recruited players. The team started to grow and grow, eventually growing to the point it is nowadays.

LiamYS is one of the most versatile players, being able to play all the operators. Besides this he has an amazing game-sens for when to be aggressive and when not to be, he achieved this game-sens because of his long experience with the game and facing a lot of different kind of opponents. LiamYS currently is the main support player for K9 eSports, on attack and defense.

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Rodny "Wolf" M.
Fragger / Lurker

Rodny 'Wolf' M. has been playing first-person shooter games since he was a child. His gaming adventure begun with the infamous Modern Warfare, followed by Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on his Xbox. He moved to PC and started playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, grinded his way up to the top of Counter-Strike. He noticed there was a new upcoming game named Rainbow Six: Siege. 

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Jack "Mellon" M.
Support / Flex

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David "Ghostly" O' C.
Support Fragger

David "Ghostly" O' C. has been playing FPS games on Xbox since 2008. Starting out on the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Playing every Call Of Duty game every year up until 2016. In 2016 Ghostly picked up a Gaming PC and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege in May of that year ( Year 1 Season 2 ) and instantly wanted to join the competitive scene after a couple months of playing. Ghostly loves competitive FPS games but sometimes likes to chill on other games such as The Witcher 3 and DCS World. Ghostly is a specific player when it comes to operators and normally plays roaming and entry fragging operators. Ghostly has great game sense when it comes down to decision making in-game and approaching different attacks.

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Brent "Westward5" M.

Brent "Westward5" M. is a fairly new player to the competitive gaming scene. A long time lover of the Tom Clancy games, he was persuaded into moving into the competitive side of gaming when Rainbow Six: Siege was announced. As his skills improved he began to play with teams to improve his teamwork and coordination, moving on to ESL Cups in 2017. He is a strong site player, favouring patience for Defense and support utility roles for Attack. What he lacks in fragging makes up in teamwork coordination and support.

As of now Brent has decided to step down from the roster due to personal issues, he has decided to become the coach for K9 eSports.

Jeffrey "MrRageQuit" D.

Jeffrey "I_MrRageQuit" D. started playing video games when he was three years old on the Sony Playstation 2. He has not stopped playing video games ever since he touched his first console. ,,Information missing". I_MrRageQuit loved playing ranked on Rainbow Six: Siege, during one of his ranked games he met some of the players from K9 eSports and asked if they were still looking for players, this is when I_MrRageQuit got introduced to the competitive side of Rainbow Six: Siege.

I_MrRageQuit is a very versatile player, very good at playing different operators. Even though he is a very versatile player he does excel extremely well on anchoring on site and playing 3 armored operators.