Liam "LiamYS" Vlaskamp

Welcome to the playerprofile of LiamYS.


Liam "LiamYS" Vlaskamp was born on 9th December, 2002. Playing first-person shooters since he was ten years old. Liam started playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege since the release on Xbox One, migrated to PC after the end of Year 1 Season 4. On PC he has played in several different teams, eventually decided to create his own team named K9 eSports. Liam created K9 eSports because he noticed that a lot of teams did not give young players the opportunity to prove themselves in ESL and develop themselves, this is one of the main purposes of K9 eSports.

Liam is specialised in playing James "Smoke" Porter and Emmanuelle "Twitch" Pichon. He is known for his switch of playstyles, switching between a passive playstyle and an aggresive playstyle when necessary. Next to the Leader of the Squad he likes to give callouts and tips.

Liam really likes to entertain people, he does this by making YouTube video's and streaming to TwitchTV. Liam likes to interact with his chat and he regulary comment back on the comments on his YouTube video's, he is known for is frankness towards other people.