Nikas "KingCobra" Kim

Welcome to the playerprofile of KingCobra.


Nikas "KingCobra" Kim was born on 4th April, 2003. Playing first-person shooters since he was twelve years old. Nikas started playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege since the release of Dustline. On PC he has played in different teams, untill K9 eSports picked Nikas up.

Nikas is one of the most aggresive players on the team, specialised in playing aggresive operators such as Eliza "Ash" Cohen and Marius "Jager" Streicher. Nikas is one of the IGL's of the squad, following a plan and executing it is his specialty.

Nikas really likes to entertain people, he does this by making YouTube video's and streaming to TwitchTV.