About us

Since we were founded, K9 eSports has grown into a large and well-known team, often praised for its combination of advanced strategical setups, executed with a degree of unpredictability. An abundance of talent led us to create two core rosters: the K9 eSports main team plays Rainbow Six Siege through ESL, playing actively in the EU 5on5 Open Ladder with a goal of grinding all the way to the top, playing against some of the highest-level teams and most talented players in the European region, as well as participating in some amateur tournaments where possible. The K9 eSports bravo team is currently playing ESL Community Cups and playing practice matches against fellow amateur teams. Both rosters include underage players, sticking to the principles our organisation was founded upon, as well as having some members over 18 who have demonstrated exceptional teamplay, filling essential roles for our teams.

Here at K9 eSports there is always a positive and competitive mindset / environment. We have friendly conversations about topical news and other things. If you want to join us in these conversations or you want to be able to get notified as quickly as possible about news of our organisation, make sure to join our Discord server!


As an esports organisation we are always actively looking for:

Currently we are only competing in Rainbow Six: Siege with two teams, however we are also really interested in other competitive scenes such as; PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Fortnite, etc.

As our organization keeps growing, more help will be necessary to run the organisation in a proper and neat way. You need to be capable of handling stress-situations and have a basic understanding of esports in general.

As a content creator for K9 eSports, you will receive custom made banners, thumbnails, etc. for your streams and channels. You will need to promote our name and our brand actively in your streams / video’s. Requirements will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

We are looking for graphics designers that are capable of creating graphics for our organization (this includes: team logos, banners, thumbnails). This will save other members a lot of time, which they can use to focus on other aspects of our organisation.

Sponsors and partners make it capable for us to run this organisation, as most members of us are underaged and not able to participate in tournaments with prize-pools. Thus we are not capable of using that as a source of income for our organisation, this is why we rely on other companies to support us.

If you believe you are capable of fulfilling one of these roles or have any other questions regarding our organisation, contact us on our business email: info@k9esports.com